1. “What type of material are your targets made of?”

Our targets are made out of 3/8” or 1/2” thick AR500 steel.


2. “How close can I shoot your targets?”

When shooting pistol calibers it is recommended to be a minimum of 25 yards away from the target, and a minimum of 100 yards for small rifle calibers (5.56, .22, etc.). For rifles shooting larger calibers (300 Win Mag and above) we recommend a minimum of 200 yards.


3. “Can I use steel core ammunition or armor piercing ammunition on your targets?”

Definitely not. Steel Core ammunition will have an adverse effect on AR500 regardless of where it was sourced or how it was cut. If you’re shooting steel core .223, you will see obvious pitting or worse. Some common brands that are steel core are Tula, Wolf, Brown Bear, M855 (Green Tip), etc… 


4. “Does your company have any warranty on the targets it sells?”

We guarantee you will be satisfied with our targets. If you are not satisfied with our targets, contact us and send them back for a refund.


5. “Are your targets plasma cut or laser cut?”

Our targets are laser cut. 


6. “What is your processing time or lead time?”

Our processing time for orders is 5-7 business days. If an item is backordered we will notify you with processing time, and lead times will be found on our website.


7. “Where do you offer shipping to?”

We ship to anywhere in the United States. Additional charges may be included for shipping to Alaska or Hawaii.